Starting Out – Choosing your future should start and end with YOU

So, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll do next. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed with options and ideas, or numb and unable to list even 5 things that interest you.

For those of you with some idea you may be asking yourself: What if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t like it? What if I never get the job I want?

You may have already started thinking about further studies at University or College, a new qualification, an Apprenticeship, starting your own Business, turning that part time job into something full time, or embarking on your first career. You may be thinking of delaying it all to go travelling, exploring new and exciting places.

No doubt your friends and family will be providing you with their opinions, ideas, do’s and don’ts.

“You need to go to University, get a good paying job, buy a house and settle down”.

All these expectations, options, and ideas start weighing you down. What if you don’t make the right choice? How will it impact your future? It’s confusing. You feel numb. You’d rather turn on the TV, check social media and forget about all.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful decision. Take some time and find out how to make the right decision, for you.

Don’t choose to do what only pleases someone else (e.g. your parents). Invest a little time, educate yourself, understand how the world is changing, figure out what you actually like, and get rid of all the stress and fear. Enjoy having the power to choose what’s best for you.

Some career advice focuses on expertise (e.g. Medicine), occupation (e.g. Doctor) and what’s worked for others in the past. Occupations are changing, the world is changing. Understand it and take advantage of it.

Advice from family and friends also seems to focus on occupation; a title that you should associate yourself with and define yourself by. This type of advice starts with the end in mind. You then try to determine if it would be ‘a good fit’ for you. Shoehorning yourself into something you’re not can be uncomfortable. Avoid it.

Making a decision about the next phase of your life and your future career should start with YOU. Fit the career around YOU and the life YOU want. So, start the process today.


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