Our goal

At Which Way is Right we’re passionate about helping people of all ages develop the perfect balance between their career and life. A balance that works both today and continues into the future.  This means helping with the tough decisions.

We aim to be the ultimate career and life coach.

To achieve the perfect career life balance it starts with laying strong foundations. It’s all about setting yourself up now for success. Starting out in the right direction, to maximise the enjoyment out of life, including your career. That’s why our social media sites, blog and book are aimed, for now, at those taking their very first step. Hopefully we’ll start catering to a wider audience in the future.

Our roots

Which Way is Right is founded by a Professional in the midst of their career, who has a passion for providing top quality career coaching, development and advice.

They have worked for over 10 years in a Big 4 Accounting / Professional Services firm and in the Financial Services sector both in Europe and Asia Pacific.

They have been a People Manager, Mentor and Career Development Coach to a variety of employees and peers at each of the companies they have worked for.

They have been involved in graduate and experienced hire recruitment, facilitating assessment days and conducting interviews.

They have built and developed teams within their organisation, led innovations, and keep a keen eye on the micro and macro-economic changes that will impact the future of business and jobs.

Realising that Career Coaching has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of the last 10 years they founded this blog with the aim of helping many more discover their direction and true potential.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time at contactus@whichwayisright.com