The Book

Taking that next step, that step towards something new and uncharted is always hard. Once you’ve taken it and started to build some momentum, you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

In the Book ‘Which Way is Right?’ we look at how you can prepare yourself for your next step; leaving School, starting University, College, an Apprenticeship, or planning for your first full time job / career.

Yes, you are heading out into uncharted territories. Some may have gone before you, but the landscape is changing. We’re living longer and technology is changing the world and the job market as we all know it. How will you prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunities it will bring, and avoid the pitfalls?

In the Book ‘Which Way is Right?’ you’ll learn how accelerating advancements in technology and the prospect of a longer life impacts the decisions you’ll need to make today.

We’ll show you how to start preparing now for a life of multiple stages and possibly multiple careers. Ultimately we’ll tell you how to use all of this insight about the future to make the best decisions now.

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